As a commercial real estate agent in California, you want to use every possible tool in your arsenal to ensure that you reach the maximum number of potential buyers and sellers.

When businesses in your area are ready to move, you want them to turn to you to find the property that’s right for their business in California.


Why use SEO for California commercial real estate ?


There are several important reasons why you should consider this an important element of your business in California.



1. Most Potential Customers in California Today Search Online First

Customers in California search online first

Whether you’re dealing with a buyer ready to purchase a new commercial real estate property or a seller ready to put their business on the market, when they look for a real estate agent, they will likely turn to Google first.

With a high search engine ranking, both potential buyers and potential sellers from California will be able to find you quickly and effectively. On the other hand, a low search engine ranking could prevent your business from ever getting noticed – and that means missing out on potential properties to sell.



2. Your Competitors in California Are Focusing on SEO

Customers in California love SEO

Take a look at what your competitors are doing in California. Chances are, many of them are focusing hard on those important search results. They know that high search rankings are the best way to get their real estate business and their properties noticed – and that means producing quality content, advertising your properties, and even taking advantage of paid ads in order to build that important search ranking.

While you don’t have to base your business decisions on what your competitors are doing, you don’t want to miss out on a business opportunity that your competitors are already taking advantage of. Why use SEO for commercial real estate? Simply put, because your competitors are already making the effort, and you do not want to be left behind.


3. Potential Buyers in California Trust Online Reviews as Much as In-Person Recommendations

Today’s customers in California are increasingly internet-savvy. They understand the value of social proof – and they accept the value of online reviews, including those attached to your Google My Business listing, as being just as valuable as a recommendation from a colleague or friend. In order for your customers to see those reviews, however, your business has to show up in those all-important search results – and the higher you show up in the search results, the greater the likelihood that the searcher will choose to click on your real estate business and your reviews, rather than turning to your competitors.


4. High Search Engine Ranking Builds Customer Trust in California (And Your Credibility)

Google trusted by customers in California

Both buyers and sellers need to trust you when they approach you to handle their property needs in California.

Buyers want to know that they can trust you to show them properties that will fit their needs, while sellers need to know that you will go the extra mile to get their property sold. With a high search ranking, you automatically start building your credibility.

As you build your search ranking, you will also build reviews, backlinks, and quality content: all elements that can help your potential customers develop a higher level of trust in you and a greater appreciation for what you can offer them.



5. Search Ranking Drives Traffic

SEO drive traffic for businesses in California

Ultimately, the most important reason to focus on SEO is simple: a high search ranking helps drive more traffic from California to your website. Most of the traffic from Google search listings comes from the top three results. If your real estate business does not appear in the first page of search results, chances are, you will get little to no traffic – and you can’t afford to miss out on that opportunity.

You need traffic to help build and maintain your customer base, and word-of-mouth referrals simply are not enough to help you accomplish that traffic on their own. Instead, focus on building traffic through search results.


6. SEO Helps Inexpensively Drive Traffic from California

Inexpensive targeted traffic for business in California

When it comes to marketing tactics in California, increasing your search engine ranking is a relatively inexpensive option. Building a great website and quality content may cost a little up front, but it will also likely have a great payoff. Even paid search ads cost relatively little compared to many of the other advertising options available. Through focus on SEO, you can build awareness of your real estate business without substantially increasing your advertising costs.


7. SEO is a Long-Term Investment in Your California Real Estate Business

SEO is good investment in California

As a commercial real estate agent in California, you make many investments in your business on a regular basis. You may put up signs, spread fliers around town, and invest in your social media. Many of those investments are finite, with little long-term return: even if you see some immediate results, you may not see the kind of long-term return you’re hoping for.

Your investment in search ranking, on the other hand, will pay off long-term. As you build your search ranking, you will also build your credibility and recognition of your business. As a result, you will continue to drive traffic to your website far into the future. Just as SEO is a long-term investment, however, it also requires ongoing effort: you must pay regular attention to your search ranking in order to maintain your success.


8. Focus on SEO Can Help You Learn More About Your Customers in California


Your search engine marketing efforts aren’t just about building more awareness about your business in California. They’re also excellent for helping you learn more about your customers. Who is most likely to look for commercial real estate in your geographic area?

What do they most want from their commercial real estate agent? What are people interested in local properties searching for?

By learning what terms bring potential clients to your page, you can change your focus based on what they most want to see – and as a result, you will develop a better relationship with your clients in California, who will be more likely to use and recommend you in the future.


Why use SEO for commercial real estate in California?

The reasons continue to grow.

Like any business, especially local businesses in California, your commercial real estate firm needs SEO in order to help raise its success and make it easier for you to get noticed.